Ju-jitsu Resources

This section provides links to various online and offline resources to help you along your ju-jitsu journey.

This includes information specific to Optimal Martial Arts Jujitsu Club, such as our belt grading system and the full syllabus for each grade.

There are also Japanese terminology reference sheets to help you learn the names of the techniques.

In addition, the history of ju-jitsu page provides an overview of the known origins and history of our martial art and its development into other systems such as judo and aikido.

It also includes book reviews and ratings, provided by our own instructors and students, to help you decide which ones meet your particular needs before you buy them.

(Students of Optimal Jujitsu Club please note that your instructors own copies of all books listed on this site.  If you ask really nicely, they may even allow you to borrow one!)

Whilst you cannot learn any martial art from a book alone, they can act as a useful reference.

Please click on one of the links below, or use the menu on the left of the page.

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History of Ju-jitsu